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ZPacks™ Hexamid Long Tent or Tarp


If you are 6' 4" (1.9 meters) or taller then the Hexamid Long might be for you. This tent is very similar to our popular Solo-Plus size tent except the ends of the tent are raised vertical for extra head and foot room. The two extra poles mean that almost the full 9 foot length of the tent can be utilized by tall hikers.

Like our other Hexamids it is made from the lightest materials available; .51 oz/sqyd cuben fiber, and optionally .7 oz/sqyd ultralight insect netting.

  • The tent has enough space to comfortably fit a person up to 6' 8" (2.03 meters) tall lying down or sitting up.  The tent has enough width for a bunch of gear, or a shorter hiking partner.   Kevin is shown in the pictures for reference; he is 6' 4" tall.

    For comparison, in our Solo-Plus tent a 6' 4" person laying centered in the tent would have about 16.5" of vertical space at the top of their head. They would have 26.5" of vertical head room in the Long tent.
  • Sets up with one long trekking pole or walking stick around 52 inches (132 cm) at the center, and two 22" (56 cm) poles at the head and foot ends.

    The two 22" Tent poles are sold separately if you need them. They only weigh .6 ounces each and they pack up with the tent.

    Many trekking poles can come apart relatively easily for use at the two ends instead of using separate tent poles. The end poles can be longer or shorter than the recommended 22" and they will still work. Tent poles are available if you do not use trekking poles.

    stakes are recommended on this tent.

    Set up instructions are available for the tent or tarp.
  • Fixed length guy lines using no-stretch spectra cord make setup easy. No line adjusters or knot tying necessary.
  • Great ventilation, and a great view through the large screen entryway. 6" of screen around the perimeter allows air flow.

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  • The screen entryway opens with a single rainbow shaped zipper at the top. A single zipper reduces the likelihood of zipper failure, and keeps zipper weight at a minimum.
  • Cuben Fiber is made from Dyneema threads which do not stretch. The tent stays taut all night. Nylon materials by comparison can stretch and sag, especially if it gets wet.
  • All the seams are triple stitched and taped, and the tie outs are bonded. No seam sealing necessary!
  • This tent is unique in that it has a fully enclosed .7 oz/sqyd
    screen floor
    which keeps 100% of insects, spiders, ticks, etc out!

    You will need a separate ground sheet on the inside, on top of the screen, just like sleeping under a tarp. Keeping the groundsheet separate from the shelter offers the following advantages:
    1. Our separate Cuben Fiber Bathtub Ground Sheet works great, but alternatively you can use a Poncho, or inexpensive material like Tyvek for your groundsheet.
    2. On nice nights you can take out your separate ground sheet and sleep under the stars or on the ground under a shelter.
    3. If rain is blowing hard at one side of the shelter, you can fold up the edges of your ground sheet, or shift it away from any spray. Rain spray or condensation runs harmlessly out the screen floor.
    4. You can take out your ground sheet to dry everything out twice as fast.
    5. Normally the groundsheet stays clipped in place and packs up with the tent. You don't ever have to take it out except when you want to!
  • Each inside corner of the shelter has a loop and clip for attaching your groundsheet. The peak also has a loop on the inside for hanging a flashlight or stuff sack.
  • The expected life span of this shelter is at least one full 2500+ mile thru hike, or many years of casual use with some care. The shelter can also be easily repaired in the field with Cuben Fiber repair tape.
  • All ZPacks gear has a one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Returns or exchanges are welcome.
  • For more info check out the Tent FAQs.

Extended Beak:
The extended beak rolls down to block rain spray, deflect wind, and provide some privacy. The beak has an elastic cord which clips to the tent's front guy line. To open the beak just un-clip it and roll it up. The beak adds about 1 foot of vestibule space for shoes, etc. The extended beak is now the default, but it can be left off to reduce weight and price.

When hiking solo the extended beak may not be necessary since you can usually slide your ground sheet towards the back of the tent to avoid any rain spray coming in the front. If you are sharing the tent with a second person or if you want to play it safe keep the beak.


  • Peak Height: 51 inches (130 cm)
  • Height at the head and foot: 19 inches (48 cm)
  • Length: 9 feet (2.75 meters)
  • Width at center: 62 inches (158 cm)
  • Width at ends: 42 inches (107 cm)
  • Entryway Height: 29 inches (74 cm)


  • A Hexamid Long Tarp including taped seams weighs 6.7 ounces (190 grams)
  • The Extended Beak adds 1.5 ounces (43 grams)
  • Bright yellow Z-Line spectra guy lines add .4 oz (11 grams)
  • A medium 6" x 12" stuff sack for the tent + separate groundsheet adds .3 ounces (8 grams)
  • Six elastic bands and clips are included to attach your groundsheet to the shelter. .5 ounces (14 grams)
  • Fully enclosed bug screen adds 5.8 ounces (164 grams)
  • A Twin Cuben Fiber Bathtub groundsheet adds 4.3 ounces (122 grams)
  • The Total Weight for the tent including all of the above is 19.5 ounces (553 grams)
  • 10 Stakes are not included. 10x Ultralight Titanium stakes, and a stake sack will add 2.0 ounces (57 grams), bringing the total packed weight to 21.5 ounces (610 grams).

    These weights are as accurate as possible. Compare carefully! Many other manufacturers leave out seam sealing, lines, stuff sack, stakes, ground sheet etc from their weights.
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Hexamid Long Tent w/ Screen, Extended Beak, and a Twin Cuben Fiber Groundsheet
This item is out of stock. You might want to consider a Duplex Tent as an alternative.