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Photos of the original white Hexamid Solo Tent on the Continental Divide Trail in 2009:

ZPacks™ Hexamid Solo Tent

Also available as a tarp w/ no screen or floor


The Hexamid Solo is a six sided pyramid style tent for an average size solo hiker. It has fully enclosed screen, a detachable bathtub floor for versatility, and storm doors for 360° rain protection.



Exterior Dimensions:

Floor Dimensions (Assuming a Solo Cuben Fiber Bathtub Floor is used):



Shelters are made to order. There is currently a lead time of about 5-6 weeks. We are unable to take additional due date requests until our backlog is shorter.

Hexamid Solo Tent - ($450)
Save $25 when you add a detachable floor or poncho.
Bathtub Floor
Hexamid Solo Tarp (no screen) - ($280)
(groundsheet sold separately)

Additional Material Choices:

A Solplex Tent in Green .74 oz:

.74 oz/sqyd Dark Green Material

The default tent material is .51 oz/sqyd Cuben Fiber. This material has proven to be plenty strong enough to handle high winds, and your tent will normally not be subject to abrasion or punctures. If it does get damaged (for example by a falling branch or sparks), the material is very easy to patch in the field with our Cuben Fiber Repair Tape.

Some people prefer to upgrade to heavier .74 oz/sqyd Cuben Fiber for added peace of mind. My own opinion is this material is not necessary, but it also does not hurt other than a small weight increase. It adds $15 to the price, and around 1.5 ounces (45 grams) to the weight. We have it in dark green as shown. It is a little bit less transparent than the thinner material.

The detachable bathtub floor is always made from black 1.0 oz/sqyd Cuben Fiber which is thicker and stronger than the tarp material.

Make my shelter in Dark Green .74 oz/sqyd material - $15

Back Story:

The Hexamid Solo was our very first tent. I initially designed it as a super minimalist shelter for use on my 2009 Continental Divide Trail thru-hike. The trip took 154 days traveling roughly 2,651 miles through the Rocky Mountains. Over the course of the trip the tent went through just about every type of weather, from gusting wind, to rain storms, snow storms, sub freezing temperatures, etc. I hiked the first half of the trip by myself, the second half with my wife Sheryl. We used the same solo tent for the whole trip since it was the only design we had at the time. The Hexamid Solo was comfortable for me at 5' 9" tall, but it was a real squeeze for the two of us. We used a wide sheet of Tyvek for our floor to max out the available space. The tent held up really well over our five month trip. We didn't get any punctures or tears, and didn't have to do any repairs.

If we were to do the CDT again as a couple we would probably opt for the Duplex tent. If I were to do it again alone I would either use the Hexamid Solo or an Altaplex. (Trip report / Gear list)

This tent has had several revisions since it was first released. We started taping the seams on all our shelters in 2012. We switched from a Beak to Storm doors in 2015.

Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

Please email us with feedback (good or bad) if you have any!

Keith "Fozzie" Foskett shares his 2 years of experience in this 2014 Hexamid Solo Tent Review
Anish set a new PCT Speed Record in 2013 at 61 days and 17 hours using our Hexamid Solo tent! Her tent was her favorite piece of gear. Check out her review!
*Anish bought her tent at full price and was not sponsored or under any obligation to review it.
"My ZPacks Hexamid gave me a level of comfort and peace of mind which belied it's uber light weight. On the 2012 Tour Divide I could end the long days of riding guaranteed of a good nights sleep, whether in the snow and bear infested forests of Canada and Montana or the bug riddled desert of New Mexico. Without a doubt it played a big part in my recovery and helped me push to the win." -Ollie Whalley, 2012 Tour Divide Winner
"Joe, I just wanted to let you know that my Hexamid performed beyond my expectations.  Not once during my hike on the Appalachian Trail did I end up wet, nor did the tent sustain any sort of damage." -Nathan S.
"We are absolutely, 100% convinced we have the best 2-person tent on the trail, even if the Hexamid solo is designed for 1-person.  You should see the looks of disbelief when other hikers see that there are TWO of us in there on full-length Thermarests, with all our packs and gear in there. Their faces turn from disbelief to shock and jealousy when we tell them the weight!" -Boston and Cubby, PCT 2010
"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I finished the PCT on September 10th 2010 and the Hexamid Solo Tent preformed extremely well in all elements.  I am extremely happy with the tent and thank you again for helping me out with my situation back in June." -Shane S.
"I just wanted to say that I LOVE this tent.  But after two thru-hikes and a few weekend hikes mine is starting to show some wear and tear which is expected.  So I am buying another one.  Doing the Hayduke trail and perhaps the Colorado trail this summer.  Thanks again for making awesome gear." -Luke W.
"I used my Hexamid for the first time last weekend, and it worked great through an October snow storm. Thanks for making such great gear. I am really excited to use my Hexamid for my AT thru-hike this spring!" -Caleb M.
"My Hexamid Solo is still in great shape after three thru-hikes, the Appalachian Trail, Te Araroa, and Continential Divide Trail! I'm still using it here on short hikes in Hawaii." -Dave "Freebird" Osborn
"I just got back from completing the John Muir Trail and I've gotta say, great work on the Hexamid.  It's just perfect ... in a lot of ways.  I got a lot of questions/people interested about it so you might see more orders coming your way." Photo from Guitar Lake -Matt B.
"My year-old Hexamid Solo has successfully thru-hiked the Florida Trail and the Continental Divide Trail this year with me. At least 100 individual nights were spent under the Cuben Fiber this past year, and it has held up magnificently throughout. I highly recommend ZPacks, not only for the excellent products, but also the excellent service if needed after the fact. After all, who better to help long-distance travelers than people who have been there?" -Rob F.