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Zpacksô Duplex Flex Tent Upgrade


The Flex tent upgrade is an add-on to our normal Duplex Tent that allows it to be pitched with freestanding tent poles. It can be set up with zero stakes in calm conditions, or with just 2 stakes if you want to use the vestibules. It is not necessary to stake the corners or side walls except in extreme weather.

Freestanding tents are convenient in situations where stakes are difficult to use. They make it easier to pitch on beach sand, snow, or on rocky or compacted terrain. You can set up on a tent platform, or other suboptimal locations without struggling with stakes. Flex poles are also handy on trips when you don't have trekking poles, for example bike packing, canoe trips, or car camping.

You still have the option to leave the flex poles behind and pitch with your trekking poles to save weight on regular backpacking trips.


Ordering a new tent:

Add a normal Duplex Tent to your cart, then add the poles and hardware here. The normal tent lead time applies.

What's Included:
4x Duplex Flex tent poles with 4x rings, 2x toggles, stuff sack - $125

Retrofitting an older tent:

**If your tent already has rings at the peaks you do not need to send it in.

If you would like to update an older Duplex tent produced before 2016 you will have to send it in to us to sew on the required attachment points and add hardware. This does not include poles. Add the pole kit above to your cart too.

Make sure to email us right after ordering this and we will give you instructions for sending in your tent.

Sending Duplex Tent for Flex upgrades - $25

Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

Please email us with feedback (good or bad) if you have any!

"My Free-Standing Duplex Flex Tent worked great on my Arizona Trail section hike. It even got christened with some overnight hail and rain at 6000 feet." -Robert H.
"We have just come back from a trip to Iceland, the maiden voyage for our Duplex free standing tent. Overall it functioned great. Would bring it again. The freestanding poles allowed for more placement flexibility which was helpful for stake-unfriendly soils as well as for swift adjustments/adaptations to local site-irregularities in the harsh volcanic Icelandic conditions. The good air flow and dual entries were much appreciated. Although tent-integrity never appeared threathened, glacier-plain wind forces made the poles flex horizontally a fair bit (good thing, no breakage risk). -Gerrit B.
"I love your gear, the Duplex tent is unreal especially with the free standing poles, made it very easy to find the perfect spot to sleep :)." -Devlin G.
"I have a tent problem: I canít stop buying them. Iíve been tempted by Zpacks tents for a long time, but was able to resist since I have an aversion to non-freestanding tents. Then your Duplex Flex came along. Itís still amazingly light with the poles (1.5lbs lighter than my previous, smaller solo tent). Itís like Doctor Whoís TARDISÖ somehow bigger on the inside than on the outside. Itís huge in there! I may be able to stop buying tents now. Iíve found the ultimate shelter. Hereís a picture of my Duplex Flex in Dolly Sods, Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia." -Shannon
"Just used my new Duplex Flex tent on a hike and really love it. You really have designed the best lightweight tent on the market. The freestanding tent pole setup really suits coastal hiking in Australia." -Rick V.
"Great designs Ö really forward thinking with the uses of Dyneema Composite Fabric in products. I personally think the Duplex Flex Tent Upgrade is brilliant. I was on a tent innovation committee with a mainstream company a few years back (I did a bunch of photography for them, and they invited me to participate), and I asked why something like what you did wouldn't work to turn some of their new tent designs to be free standing with added poles (when one doesnít want to use trekking poles and when free standing is needed), I was told it was imposible. Clearly you had the wisdom to make it work, and matched it with a beautiful tent design." -Dave S.,
"I ordered the Duplex Flex, and took it out for a long weekend test. The tent is great, gusts over 40MPH and the tent barely budged. We kept asking ourselves what we forgot at home, our normally light packs seemed unreasonably light with a shared quilt and an insanely light tent." -Dave S.
"Here is a photo of the Duplex Flex that I took while camping recently in Portugal. We love the everything about the tent and couldn't be happier! We are in Spain now and will surely be posting more pictures of the tent during our two year cycling tour." -Steve C.
"Attached is a photo of me looking very pleased with my Arc Blast and Duplex Flex Tent at Hance Rapids in the Grand Canyon, the first evening of my Tonto Trail hike a few weeks back." -Dinny P.
"Quick note from the AT, about 6 miles south of Pine Grove Furnace. Thanks for the great work on the camo Duplex Flex and for the flex upgrade on "ole blue". Both are performing flawlessly." -Dan V.
"Just used your Duplex Flex tent on the West Coast Trail in Vancouver Island - it was fabulous. Thanks so much for getting it to me in time. So light, so secure. It's a terrific design." -Michael E.
"I wanted to reach out and say that my son and I completed the Colorado Trail a few days ago and the Duplex Flex tent performed perfectly. We've had a wet July in the mountains and we had big winds and rain nearly every day. Attached is a pic one evening near Hermosa Peak outside of Durango. Thanks!" -Ed P.