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Zpacks Classic Sleeping Bag - 900 Fill Power Down

Slim - 56" Width
Standard - 61" Width
Broad - 66" Width

35F (2C)
20F (-7C)
5F (-15C)

Classic Sleeping Bag - Standard Girth | 20F (-7C)




Standard: 61" shoulders / 61" hips / 35" feet (155 cm / 155 cm / 89 cm)

20F (-7C) | 2.25" (5.7 cm) Loft

Fits up to: Shell Weight Down Weight Total Weight Dry Bag Price
Medium - 5' 7"
(1.70 meters)
6.1 ounces
(173 grams)
13.1 ounces
(372 grams)
19.2 ounces
(545 grams)
6" x 12"
(15 cm x 30 cm)
Long - 6' 0"
(1.83 meters)
6.3 ounces
(180 grams)
13.7 ounces
(388 grams)
20.0 ounces
(568 grams)
6" x 12"
(15 cm x 30 cm)
X-Long - 6' 5"
(1.95 meters)
6.6 ounces
(187 grams)
14.2 ounces
(404 grams)
20.8 ounces
(591 grams)
6" x 12"
(15 cm x 30 cm)

Sleeping Bags are made to order and are currently shipping in about two weeks. There may also be lightly used gear in our Bargain Bin!
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Our "Classic" sleeping bag is our original model with a 3/4th length zipper on the bottom. It combines the best aspects of a down quilt and a down sleeping bag at an unbeatable weight. The bag opens up underneath you like a blanket for easy temperature control when it is warm out. When the temperature drops you have the option to zip up the bottom to seal out any drafts. Keep the zipper (or the opening) positioned below you for the most insulation and warmth.

The bags are made with premium 900 fill power white European goose down and some of the lightest nylon shell materials available. Our down is ethically sourced straight from the producer.

You can also get the same bag as a zipper-less Solo Quilt, or our Full-Zip version with a full length zipper and a draft tube.


Goose down works by creating tiny air pockets which act as a thermal barrier. Generally speaking, the more loft a bag has (the thicker the insulation) the more air it traps and the warmer it is. It is very important that the down stays where you want it rather than shifting around or clumping up, creating thin cold spots. Our bag has narrow, relatively short chambers so that the down has less room to migrate. It has vertical chambers at the upper body to prevent the down from being pulled to the sides by gravity as you shift around at night. There are no sewn-through spots except the zipper which is positioned underneath you as you sleep.



Washing Instructions:

Hand wash with warm water in a bathtub or bucket. Do not use soap unless it is made specifically for down. Normal soap can strip down of its natural oils. Typically warm water alone is sufficient. Do not machine wash- the twisting motion of a washing machine may cause tears. It is best to lay the bag out in the sun to dry it. You will need to periodically pull apart the wet down clumps until it is completely dry and fluffed back to normal. Beware of dryers, high heat can shell material. Even the 'low heat' setting is dangerous if you are using an unfamiliar machine such as at a laundromat. Tip - remove the sleeping bag from the dry bag while it is underwater to keep it from filling up with air.