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ZPacks™  Challenger Rain Pants
Made from Waterproof-Breathable Cuben Fiber - eVent material.


The Challenger rain gear was tested on our 2014 Great Outdoor Challenge hike across the Highlands of Scotland. On our trip the strength, waterproofness, and breathability all proved to be very good. The pants are breathable enough to sleep in or hike in if it is cold out without getting clammy. The material is thick enough to withstand light brush and abrasion, while still being among the lightest possible choices for WPB rain gear.


Built from 1.62 oz/sqyd Waterproof Breathable Cuben Fiber material! The material is a three layer laminate consisting of an eVent membrane on the inside, Dyneema fibers in the center, and a thin layer of Nylon on the outside.

  • The eVent Membrane provides industry leading water vapor transfer. The pants are completely waterproof, while still being breathable enough to sleep in or hike in if it is cold out without getting clammy.
  • Dyneema fibers provide extremely high tear strength and rip-stop qualities.
  • A thin layer of Nylon on the outside gives the pants abrasion resistance and allows the fabric to by dyed a nice solid color. The nylon has a durable water repellent (DWR) applied to it to prevent water absorption.
  • As with all Cuben Fiber material, repair tape sticks extremely well so repairs in the field are a cinch.


  • Adjustable shock cord at the waist and the ankles.
  • Wide ankles can fit over shoes without removing them.
  • No pockets, no zippers, no unnecessary weight.
  • Packs up tiny as shown. Roll the pants up and secure them with the waist elastic. No stuff sack necessary.
  • Lightest 3 layer waterproof breathable pants in the world?
  • Combine these pants with a matching Jacket and Mitts for a super light rain suit!
  • 1 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship on all ZPacks gear.

Sizing Chart:

Size: Small Medium Large
3.6 oz (102 g) 3.8 oz (108 g)  4.0 oz (113 g)
Fits Waist Size: Fits waist up to:
29" (73 cm)
Fits waist up to:
34" (86 cm)
Fits waist up to:
39" (99 cm)
Actual Waist Size: 38" (96 cm) 42" (107 cm) 47" (120 cm)
Multiple lengths Multiple lengths Multiple lengths
$165 $165 $165


The pants have an adjustable elastic waist, and can be cinched down to any minimum. The material does not stretch and there is no zipper, so the waist has to be loose to come up over your hips and fit over your normal hiking pants.

As an example, the waist on my normal pants is 31". The medium pants fit me great, and will fit up to a maximum of about a 34" waist with enough wiggle room to come up over the hips. Large will fit up to a maximum of about 39".

The regular length should fit a 30" to 32" inseam. Short and Tall lengths are also available.

You can use the Outseam measurement (measured from waist to cuff on the outside of the leg) to compare against your current rain pants. The regular outseam length is 45" (114 cm). Short is 43" (109 cm). Tall is 47" (119 cm).

The ankles have adjustable elastic so that you can cinch them if necessary.


Machine washable. Line dry only. Do not dry any Cuben Fiber Gear on high heat or it may shrink or delaminate.


Clothing is made to order and is currently shipping in about 2 weeks. If you have a hard due date in that vicinity make sure to let us know after you order so that we can schedule accordingly.

Challenger Rain Pants - $165
Waist Size
Outseam Length


Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image Joe normally wears a 31/31 pants and is shown in a size Medium above.

"Just put my new Challenger rain pants through the wringer. Worked great! You guys rock!" -David D.
"I just wanted to let you know that I used, and abused, your product on the Colorado Trail Bike Race this year. I used your rain pants, jacket and mittens. All performed flawlessly and I seemed to wear the pants a ton (to sleep in cause it was super cold, to break the wind and also to keep the monsoon rains off of me). I just wanted to say 'thanks'. You were prompt with my order, answered my questions and helped get my rain pants to me even though I ordered them later than everything else." -Norb D.
"I did a 3 day snowboarding trip in February '15 with a full Challenger rain suit and mitts. I had limited packing space and was able to fit the whole suit into one boot for travel. Snowboarding is a fairly strenuous activity involving lots of arm and torso movement, crouching, and the occasional wipe out. I was half expecting my suit to shred apart the first time I hit the icy ground, so I had repair tape handy just in case. Surprisingly it sustained no damage or abrasion even after abusing it far beyond what it was designed for. The suit kept me dry and warm in temperatures down to 0F not including crazy wind chill and whipping snow at the summits. I wore just a Patagonia thermal base layer, and an insulated hiking jacket underneath." -Joe Valesko