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-April 2014-
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Lightload Pack Towel

These are the lightest, and most useful pack towels available. They come packed in a small cylinder, and unfold to about 12.5" x 22.5". The weight can vary slightly from .5 to .6 ounces. (~14 grams)

Lightload towels are super absorbent, and very quick drying. Imagine a name brand paper towel, except that these are cloth, reusable, hand washable, and biodegradable. Use it until you can't!

I suggest hand washing! Machine washing can cause pilling/fraying.

These are very handy to have around, and if half an ounce is too heavy for you, cut it in half! I have used mine for all of the following:

  • Dry completely off after swimming or taking a shower. Just wring it out and keep on drying!
  • Wipe condensation or rain from a tarp or tarp-tent before packing.
  • Absorb moisture from wet clothing, improving drying time.
  • Wash and/or dry dishes.
  • Use it as a napkin.
  • Tie a rock in it and throw it over a branch for your bear bag.
  • Wear it as a headband.
  • Cut it into blister padding, or bandages.
  • Use it as a pot holder.
  • Start a fire with it when nothing else is dry.
  • Use it as a handkerchief.

Don't forget your towel!!

Standard Size Lightload Towels (.5 ounces)

Single: ($1.95)
3-Pack: ($5.45)

Click for full size

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Matt Favero receives your orders, oversees production at our shop, and ships out your orders. He has hiked much of the Florida Trail and parts of the AT. Matt handles most routine emails about your order. We love feedback and suggestions about our gear!

ZPacks has moved! Please email us for our Address if you need to send any packages. We like to know what's coming!