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Ultralight Travel Toothbrush


Toothbrush - $2.95


Toothbrush - .13 ounces (4 grams)

Extension Handle - .1 ounces (3 grams)

Mini Toothpaste Tube (Full) - .2 ounces (6 grams)

Carrying Case - .28 ounces (8 grams)

Total Weight - .71 ounces (20 grams)


This ultralight, compact toothbrush weighs less than cutting a normal toothbrush in half. It includes an extension handle, a mini toothpaste tube, and a handy carrying case. Carry just the parts you need, or take the whole package at barely over a half ounce.

The included toothpaste tube holds enough for a week or more if used sparingly. When it runs out, pinch the air out, butt it up tight against a normal toothpaste tube, and squeeze more in to re-fill it.

These are not returnable once the packaging is opened, unless there is a defect.