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Zpacksô Carbon Fiber Staff


Carbon Fiber Staff - $125

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Our Carbon Fiber Staff is an extremely lightweight, extremely strong alternative to trekking poles. It folds down for easy packing, and can also be folded to the correct height for every single one of our tent models, including the tall Altaplex.

The main advantage of a staff over trekking poles is you can use it with two hands when you need to, but keep one hand free when you don't. You can also use your full upper body strength to help lift or lower yourself on steep trails.


  • Strong enough to easily support an adult's weight vertically. The staff can be used to hop across small streams or gaps, or to aid in lifting or lowering your body weight on steep inclines. The staff is much stronger than a typical trekking pole. The staff can withstand moderate horizontal pressure, but avoid putting your full body weight on it horizontally.
  • Thick internal carbon fiber ferrules give the staff strong joints. The lower joints are also wrapped with Dyneema Composite Fabric tape for added strength against splitting.
  • The staff has a woven texture which naturally gives it good grip. You can quickly shift your hands up or down to any position as the terrain changes..
  • The lower end cap is made with 1/4" of solid titanium which will never wear through.
  • The full 60" (152 cm) length is useful for getting leverage with both hands, and also for reaching out to lower yourself down ledges. You also have the option to remove a top section and use it like a really sturdy 48" or 52" trekking pole if you prefer.
  • The staff folds down to three even 21.5" (54.5 cm) sections for convenient packing.
  • 1 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship on all Zpacks gear.
  • Tested on a 1,900 mile Te Araroa thru-hike in New Zealand. This short video is intended only to show the strength of the staff. Jumping across large gaps with it is dangerous and not recommended. Use at your own risk.

Folding Mechanism:

  • The staff sections are held together by non-stretchy Dyneema Cord. The cord has a small knot which catches in a groove under the rubber end cap to lock the staff in place. To lock or unlock the staff, remove the rubber end cap and pop the knot in or out of the groove. It needs to be pulled tight!

    If you ever notice that the sections are not held tight together, just re-tie the knot so that it is snug.


Diameter: .825" (2.1 cm)

Full Length: 60" (152 cm)

Packed Length: 21.5" (54.5 cm)

Section Lengths (not including ferrules):  7.5", 11.5", 19", 21.5"
(19 cm, 29 cm, 48 cm, 54.5 cm)

Some Possible Folded Lengths: 21.5, 33", 40.5", 48", 52", 60"
(54.5 cm, 103 cm, 122 cm, 132 cm, 152 cm)

Staff Weight: 7.5 ounces / 212 grams

Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

Please email us with feedback (good or bad) if you have any!

John Abela discusses his staff in his Zpacks Carbon Fiber Staff Review.
"Loving the carbon hiking staff. One of the best purchases Iíve made in a long, long time.
Iíve put this thing through the paces, handles my 230 lbs and ruck with no issues so far." -Brandon J.
"If you have a place for reviews I'll write a great one. I'm highly satisfied with the backpack, and that carbon staff is just bad ass. Only problem with the staff is now my wife wants one, ha ha." -Erik H.
"I have put the staff through some serious off trail trials and it's working out wonderfully. I posted a review of the Carbon Staff on my site with video of me crossing the Big Muddy on the wild east side of Mt. Adams. Great product, and although I will still be using my trekking poles as I have for decades, the staff goes with me anytime off trail or scrambling is involved." -Stephen B.
"I got the hiking Staff a couple months ago and absolutely love it! Now I'm ready for a backpack!" Rob M.
"Your carbon fiber staff is awesome. I never liked using hiking poles before. But the fact that your staff is longer, much more stable and can be held at varying levels made it great! It is super for hopping over small rivers. And most of all and very unexpectedly so: It made my life so much easier on difficult terrain with very big boulders in the rain where I basically had to jump from boulder-top to boulder-top for around 30km. It made superb additional balance. The possibility of really putting weight on it made it feel like a third and very welcome leg." -Sandro F.
"Hello Zpacks! I am currently thru hiking the AT using your carbon fiber hiking staff. The staff has been absolutely WONDERFUL and everyone who sees it seems to want one. It works incredibly well and I really prefer using it over 2 trekking poles." -Kirtland D.
"This thing is awesome. It has worked especially well for me on steep descents, where Iíve been able to put my full weight on it. It instills confidence when using it as a support for a tall shelter, and I donít have to worry about using a trekking pole extender. Over a few hundred miles of use, this has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of gear. Thanks Zpacks, I canít recommend this product highly enough!" -Matt H.