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Z-Line Ultralight Dyneema Backpacking Cord and Cord Accessories  

Z-Line Dyneema
Z-line Dyneema cord is composed of a white Dyneema core with a braided Dacron sheath. Dyneema is ideal for many purposes because of its high strength to weight ratio, and the fact that it does not stretch. Regular un-sheathed Dyneema however is slippery and difficult to work with. The Dacron sheath on Z-line gives it a stiff feel, makes it tangle resistant, and easier to tie and untie knots. This line also has a lot of grip; when used as a main tarp line or bear bag line, just wrapping it around a tree or branch a few times will hold steady without dealing with any knots.

1.25 mm cord is excellent for ultralight guy lines and will work with Micro Linelocs.

2 mm is the best choice for use with LineLoc 3 adjusters.

They are all over 200lbs tensile strength.

Available in Yellow, or Black. The yellow cord is extremely bright and easy to see as guy-lines. It is not reflective but it does stand out well at night with a headlamp or in moonlight. The yellow cord shows up better at night compared to orange colored cord.

"Looking at that cord is like staring into the sun!" -Matt F.

"We had 100% less tripping over lines using your yellow cord on our last trip out." -Paul R.

1.25 mm Z-Line
.033 oz / yd
1 gram / meter
.55 oz / 50 feet
$12.95 per 50 Feet
2.0 mm Z-Line
.1 oz / yd
3 grams / meter
1.7 oz / 50 feet
$14.95 per 50 Feet

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Z-Line Slick Dyneema
This cord is made of solid braided 100% Dyneema fiber. It has a slick coating which allows it to slide over branches easier, perfect for bear bagging.

The slick line is not as bright and doesn't grip as well as the regular Z-line, but it is stronger by weight. Made in the USA.

1.4 mm / 330lb Z-Line Slick
.04 oz / yd
1.2 grams / meter
.65 oz / 50 feet
1.75 mm / 450lb Z-Line Slick
.054 oz / yd
1.7 grams / meter
.9 oz / 50 feet
2.2 mm / 650lb Z-Line Slick
.084 oz / yd
2.6 grams / meter
1.4 oz / 50 feet
$12.95 per 50 Feet
$13.95 per 50 Feet
$14.95 per 50 Feet

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1.3 mm Z-Line Slick Cord

This Slick line is made from solid braided generic UHMWPE fiber which is equivalent in strength and weight to its branded counterparts. Available at a bargain price while supplies last. Woven in the USA.

It has a waxy yellow / black coating that is similar to the normal Z-Line Slick cord above.

The thin diameter is great for durable draw cords on stuff sacks, fixed length guy lines on shelters, and general purpose utility cord. This cord can be spliced.

1.3 mm Z-Line Slick
.028 oz / yd
.87 grams / meter
.47 oz / 50 feet
$6.95 per 50 Feet

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2.3 mm Reflective Z-Line Cord

Made in the USA

This cord is constructed with a UV Resistant Polyester Jacket, and a High Tenacity Polyester Core. The result is a finished product that is strong, low stretch, UV resistant, and very tangle resistant as its relatively stiff. The cord has super reflective 3M Scotlite tracers for great nighttime visibility. When hit with light they shine right back at you.

It works well with our LineLoc 3 tensioners. 240 lb breaking strength.

Non-reflective 2 mm Z-Line cord found above is a good alternative to this without the reflective tracer. The yellow Z-Line is brighter but not reflective.

2.3  mm Reflective Z-Line Cord
.11 oz / yd
3.5 grams / meter
1.8 oz / 50 feet
$12.95 per 50 Feet


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Micro Line Loc Guy Line Adjusters
Line locs are used to adjust the length of the guy lines on your tent or tarp quickly and easily without dealing with knots.

These Line Locs are the smallest and lightest available and are the only line adjusters that work with ultra thin cord. These will hold tight with all of the sizes of Z-Line cord above.

Just .025 oz / .7 grams each. They are about the size of a penny.

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LineLoc 3 Line Adjusters with Loops
These are similar to the micro line locs above, except made for thicker 2mm to 3mm cord. They can optionally be purchased with loops of grosgrain ribbon sewn to each one so that they can be attached directly to the tie out loops on your shelter using a Lark's head knot.

Note that our Plex style tents come with these installed, but our other tarps and shelters do not.

These can also be attached to loops on your backpack for lashing things on. They work just like a ladder loc buckle commonly seen on shoulder straps, top straps etc.

The 2 mm and larger Z-Line cord works best with these. The thinner cords that we sell will slip under high tension. These are also available as a side release buckle (LineLoc 3 WSR on our materials page)

LineLoc 3's with Loops Attached
.065 oz / 1.8 grams each.
LineLoc 3's  (no loops attached)
.047 oz / 1.3 grams each

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Tiny and Mini Cord Locks
These ultralight cord locks are a perfect match for your lightweight draw cords. This variety has a strong spring which grips thin cord well.

Tiny cord locks will fit the 1.25mm z-line cord, or 1/16" shock cord.
Mini cord locks will fit all our larger cords up to 2.3mm.

Tiny - .02 ounces / .57 grams each

Mini - .03 ounces / .85 grams each


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Mitten Hooks / Snap Hooks
These small hooks are handy for all sorts of things.

1 3/8" long x 9/16" wide.  (3.5 cm long x 1.4 cm wide).

Just .03 oz / .85 grams each.

3/16" Nylon Flat Cord

Nylon flat cord has a tensile strength over 150lbs and is a good, inexpensive, general purpose cord. I use it for tie out loops on tarps, and attachment loops on backpacks. Mini cord locks fit well.

.114 oz / yard
3.53 grams / meter

$.40 per yard (adjust the amount in your cart)

3/32" Shock Cord
This is the elastic shock cord I use on the backpacks. Mini cord locks fit well.

.134 oz / yard
4.15 grams / meter

$.60 per yard (adjust the amount in your cart)

1/16" Shock Cord
This thin shock cord is good for light duty applications such as elastic draw cords. I use this on pack covers, and for draw cords on clothing. It has about the same elasticity as a typical thin rubber band. Tiny cord locks fit well.

.048 oz / yard
1.49 grams / meter

$.49 per yard (adjust the amount in your cart)