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Zpacks™ Backpack Shoulder Pouch


Shoulder Pouch - $25 Single / $22.50 Pair


Weight: .5 ounces / 14 grams each

Size: About 3.5" diameter x 6" tall (9cm x 15cm)

Volume: 60 cubic inches (1 liter)

Material: 2.92 oz/sqyd Hybrid Cuben Fiber or 4.8 oz/sqyd Gridstop


Shoulder pouches are the perfect accessory to store your camera, wallet, car keys, map, headlamp, chap stick, mittens, sunglasses, candy bars, emergency whistle, pack towel, GPS, or any other items you would like to have within easy reach! The pouches carry comfortably on your shoulder, you will hardly notice they are there.