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Zpacks Neck Gaiter


Neck Gaiter - $19.95


Weight: 1.1 ounces (31 grams)


The Zpacks Neck Gaiter is made from lightweight nylon and can be used in many different ways to protect your head, face, and neck from the elements! The neck gaiter is a continuously woven tube that can be folded in half for extra warmth, or extended to single layer for breathability and broader protection.

Many Uses:

Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

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"Just letting you know the neck gaiter I bought from you guys is one of my most valuable pieces of gear. I have long hair these days, and I go caving a lot. I was having trouble keeping my hair out of my eyes when negotiating tight crawls and squeezes where my arms and hands weren't capable of reaching to my head to adjust my hair and helmet. I saw you guys added a neck gaiter last December or November, and bought one. Not only does it do an amazing job keeping my hair in place and out of my face, but I am also a very sweaty person, and caving is lots and lots of work. Your gaiter absorbs and evaporates sweat off so well I haven't had any sweat fall into my eyes since I started using it. And then during the really cold days out here, I wear it around my neck and will use it as face mask when the wind really blows, and it does an awesome job at cutting the wind. Easily going to be one of my most used pieces of gear! This and your windshirt are two pieces of gear I will always bring with me, rain shine and any season when hiking out here in Colorado." -Craig Y.