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Zpacks™ Flat Groundsheets / Tent Footprints


Flat groundsheets are used underneath your tent to protect and add longevity to the floor.

We carry stock sizes that are a perfect fit under each of our Plex style tents. Our Plex tents do not necessarily need any groundsheet to protect the floor. The floor itself is reasonably durable as-is, and keep in mind that any Dyneema Composite Fabric gear can easily be patched in the field with repair tape. These groundsheets are available as a precaution.


  • Constructed from 1.0 oz/sqyd Dyneema Composite Fabric. The material is waterproof, and and has good abrasion and puncture resistance for its weight. This material has a thicker membrane than the lighter weight versions of DCF for more durability.
  • The perimeter has hemmed edges, and there are reinforced stake loops at the corners and at the center of the sides.
  • Bathtub style groundsheets for use inside our Hexamid shelters and under flat tarps are available here.


Plexamid Size - 28" ends x 38" center x  90" long
(71 cm x 96 cm x 229 cm) / 2.7 oz (77 grams) - $85

Duplex Size - 45" x 90" (114 cm x 229 cm) / 3.5 oz (99 grams) - $99

Fabric Width - 52" x 90" (132 cm x 229 cm) / 4.0 oz (113 grams) - $99
This size also available with a hood for dual use as a Poncho!

Triplex Size - 60" x 90" (152 cm x 229 cm) / 4.5 oz (128 grams) - $120


Groundsheet Size:

Any accessory items that are sewn or built by Zpacks are currently shipping in about two weeks.