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Zpacks™ Backpack Belt Pouches


Belt Pouch - $29 each / $50 Pair


Weight: .75 ounces (21 grams) each

Dimensions: About 6" wide, by 2.25" deep, by 5" tall (15cm wide x 5.7cm deep x 13 cm tall).

Volume: About 60 cubic inches (1 Liter)

Material: 2.92 oz/sqyd DCF or 4.8 oz/sqyd Gridstop

Any accessory items that are sewn or built by Zpacks are currently shipping in about one week.


These pouches clip securely to a padded belt like on our Arc backpacks. If your backpack has a webbing belt, try Belt Pouches w/ Pads.


Our backpack's padded belt is about 4" (10 cm) tall by 3/8" (1 cm) thick. The elastic on the back of these pouches is sized just right for our padded belts. If your pack's belt padding is too big you don't have to use the elastic. Clip the sides in place, and use a safety pin at the center if desired to keep it snug.

If your backpack has a webbing belt, our Belt Pouches w/ Pads are made to slide on to a 1" (1.5 cm) or smaller webbing belt.