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Airplane Backpack Case


Airplane Backpack Case - $65


Flat Dimensions: 20.5" wide x 37.5" tall (52 cm x 96 cm)

Weight: 3.8 ounces (108 grams)


The Airplane Case adds protection when checking your backpack on to a plane. It has a sturdy webbing handle on the side for carrying your pack to the terminal. The handle is long so that you can keep your hand centered depending on height of the backpack.

The top of the case has a standard roll top opening, and it also has 2 small loops so that you can clip the top with a TSA approved lock, or with a carabiner for a little extra security.

This case also doubles as a pack liner! Just move it from the outside of your backpack to the inside once you reach your destination. It has the same construction as our standard pack liner, except it is made from thicker 1.43 oz/sqyd Dyneema Composite Fabric. The seams are taped.

The dimensions are a little bit larger than our standard pack liner so that it will fit the exterior of our backpacks. You will likely need to remove any water bottles or gear from the exterior backpack pockets; move those items to the inside of the pack. It will fit all of our backpacks and other similarly sized packs.

Tip: Your backpack will slide into the case easier if you put it in upside down.