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Zpacks™ Hexamid Pocket Tarp


Shelters are made to order and are currently shipping in about one week. There may also be lightly used gear in our Bargain Bin!

The photos show a clear-orange tarp, but now these are now .51 oz/sqyd Olive Drab DCF material, just like the Hexamid Solo tent.

Hexamid Pocket Tarp - $199


The Hexamid Pocket is our lightest tarp ever! It is the same size as our Hexamid Solo tent, except without storm doors, and without screen. A Bathtub Ground Sheet can be purchased separately, or use a Tyvek groundsheet or a bivy under the tarp.

This super light tarp can be tucked away in a pocket for emergencies, or it could be a primary shelter for a minimalist tarp camper. It is also useful for sitting out rain on day hikes.





Reviews and Customer Testimonials:

Please email us with feedback (good or bad) if you have any!

A quick note to say that I picked up my Hexamid Pocket Tarp order at the Hiker Hostel back in October, and was stirred to write. I hiked the AT this year, flip flop via Harpers Ferry, and used the Hexamid Solo-Plus Tent from three years ago for the northern half, (for insects) and then the Pocket Tarp for the south. Both were absolutely excellent, and I’ve no adverse comments at all. Excellent pieces of kit, and very lightweight yet tough enough to survive a through trip on the AT. At times I had some serious wind and rain – but no real issues, a bit of spay and that was about it. I reckon its up to another through hike. Just as background, I’m 66, and have previously hiked the usual UK stuff, the TMB, Haute Route, GR20 and the Kungsleden, among other treks." -Bob C.
"I've had the Pocket Tarp in my bag on practically every trip for going on 6 years. Most of the time it's there "just in case"....for actual shelter or for an emergency wrap. For instance, I carried it for a Wonderland Trail fastpack with a good weather forecast over 3 days which stayed true, so I never had to unpack it. And sometimes I use it as my primary shelter, like last year's Glacier Peak orbit. The ridiculous light weight and miniscule size make this one of the most versatile items in my kit." -Steve B.