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10 Degree Sleeping Bag Review
by Matt Alley  -   1/7/2014

Where have you been hiding this thing? Seriously, I have never used a bag that was as revolutionary as this!

Iíve been backpacking since 1988, and as with most people, it has been a constant struggle between lightweight vs. able-to-do-the-job. Whether tent or pack or boots or coats or raingear, flashlights, pans, mattress, water-purification. You name it. But perhaps most of all for me has been the bag. Iím a super cold sleeper, to the point that I take it for granted that a manufacturerís ratings Ė and Iím talking big-time serious bag builders like Western Mountaineering, Marmot, TNF Ė are in fact 12-15 degrees optimistic for me. So my Marmot Helium, rated at 15, is really comfortable only to 30 degrees for me. At 25 I wake up cold and, while I can deal with it, I have to shift and realign and tighten and generally be frustrated and awake much of the night.

So when I first used your bag in the Wind River range in June, with temps down to the low-twenties, I went to bed with my down jacket on just to make sure I was warm enough. Surprise! Within 10 minutes I was rabid to get that thing off! I slept the rest of the night with the jacket as a supplement to my pillow, and the bag hardly even cinched tight at the shoulders. It was a revelation. The best nightís sleep Iíve ever had outside in below-freezing temps.

But 25 degrees is not a great test of a 10 degree rated bag. And on subsequent trips Iíve never endured lower temps than that. So while Iíve greatly enjoyed carrying a 10 degree bag that weighs the same as my 32 degree Western Mountaineering Summerlite, I havenít had to put it to the test.

But with this frigid winter storm sweeping as far down as Atlanta, I got a chance to test it last night in my own backyard! Just six degrees when I went to bed, three when I got up! And I slept barefoot (I never do that) with only my leggings and a thin pajama top! I donít wear a hat, but instead use a silk bag liner that I fashion into a head-and-neck wrap, and that worked perfectly. I almost couldnít get to sleep for lying there in wonder at how magnificent I felt! At a temperature that was 7 degrees BELOW your bagís rating!

I donít know why every backpacker who has a budget for a serious bag hasnít found you yet Ė Iím certainly spreading the word in my small community. This bag is a miracle, and your outside-the-box design is just the sort of thinking the industry desperately needs. Removing the hood and the draft tube so you could cram lots more insulation in for the same weight as the other guysí bags Ė that was just brilliant.

If you can use any of this in a testimonials page feel free. I would also be happy to hear from anyone via email who wants to ask a non-interested 3rd party about your stuff. I could go on for days! :)

--Matt Alley (