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Carbon Fiber Staff Repair

Our original batch of Carbon Fiber Staffs had glued in ferrules. The glue seemed to hold well for most people, but what to do if a ferrule pops out while on the trail?

Not to worry, a fix is very easy and you can do it in a minute on-trail.

1) Cut a 1/2" by 2" strip of Repair Tape. Stick it to the end of the ferrule such that it wraps around the tip of the ferrule just a tiny bit. That will keep it from peeling off during step 2.

2) Pound it ferrule end down against a log or a rock. The ferrule is pretty tough and can take a beating. The ferrule is about 5 inches long, pound it in half way.

3) Twist the ferrule as much as you can. The twisting motion causes the tape to bunch up and really locks it in there tight.

That's it! This should be a fairly permanent fix. Any staffs made in February 2015 or later are built with this tape method to begin with.