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Zpacks™  Challenger Jacket


New June 2014 - We have a new type of Waterproof-Breathable Cuben Fiber to choose from!


In May 2014 Joe Valesko, Matt Favero, and Steve Kaiser tested new rain gear on The Great Outdoor Challenge, a 200 mile cross-country trek through the Scottish Highlands. We wore our rain gear almost every day, either for rain, or for wind protection and warmth on the cool sunny days. The new rain gear was awesome on our trip!

From left to right:

Matt Favero w/ a Classic Jacket and Challenger Pants. Steve Kaiser w/ a full Challenger suit, and Joe Valesko in a Challenger Jacket. Photo taken during a windy ascent of Ben Macdui, Scotland's second highest peak.


The classic White Cuben WPB material is three layers. eVent --> Dyneema fibers --> eVent

The new Black material is also three layers. eVent --> Dyneema fibers --> Black Nylon

The nylon exterior layer gives the material more abrasion resistance, and a nice solid color.

It adds about 1/2 ounce (14 grams) to the weight of a jacket.


The new Black jackets will have a chest pocket by default. The chest pocket adds about .4 ounces.

The back of the hood will have a clip for adjustment. That will add about .1 ounces.

In total, the new jacket will be about 1 ounce (28 grams) heavier. In exchange for that weight you get more abrasion resistance, a chest pocket, hood adjustment, and a nice solid black color.


The Black material, along with a chest pocket and hood adjustment will be a $25 price increase when it goes live, but for now it is discounted to $15 to upgrade. Please add it to your cart here if you would like to upgrade. If you have any rain pants or rain mitts on order, those items will also be made in the Black material to match.

Upgrade to Black Challenger Jacket - $15

If you want to stick with the classic jacket instead make sure to let Joe know. Thanks!