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Samurai Joe's Te Araroa (New Zealand Trail) 2012 / 2013 Gear List

In 2012-2013 my wife Sheryl and I thru-hiked the Te Araroa Trail. We started walking at Cape Reinga on November 14th and finished at Bluff on March 13th (120 days). The trail is roughly 1,897 miles / 3,054 km across both the North and South islands of New Zealand.

The Te Araroa was our warmest thru-hike. We were prepared for sub-freezing temperatures, but while we were there the temperature rarely went under 40*F. We could have gotten away with less warm gear, however if we were to do another thru-hike in the US (AT, PCT, CDT) we would stick with this list.

Sheryl and I carried pretty much the same gear list, with some shared items.

This is the gear list we carried:

Item Name Weight
Packing System:  
2012 model 52L Arc Blast Backpack 13.5 oz
Pair of Shoulder Pouches .6 oz
Pair of Belt Pouches 1.5 oz
Cuben Pack Liner 1.5 oz
We had to swim across a few rivers, something we never had to do on our other long hikes. It also rains alot in NZ.  All our gear is in dry bags, inside a pack liner.
Sleeping Gear:  
20*F Twin Size, Long Length Quilt with Large Rectangle Dry Bag 29.7 oz
(14.8 oz each)
Short Length NeoAir Sleeping Pad 10.0 oz
  (24.8 oz)
We shared a 20F Twin size quilt.
ZPacks Hexamid Twin Tent 12.6 oz
8 x 6" titanium Stakes w/ stake sack 1.7 oz
Twin size Cuben Fiber Groundsheet w/ clips 4.7 oz
  19.0 oz
(9.5 oz each)
We shared a Hexamid Twin tent and Cuben Fiber groundsheet. Total shelter weight with lines, stuff sack etc is 19 oz shared between the two of us. 9.5 ounces each.

On future trips we will probably use the newer Duplex tent.
Cooking / Food Gear:  
.9L Evernew pot w/ aluminum lid, stuff sack 3.1 oz
2x Titanium short handle spoons .5 oz
Half light load towel for drying dishes .3 oz
Mini-bic Lighter .4 oz
Home made red bull alcohol stove .1 oz
8 oz Fuel Bottle (poland springs water bottle) .5 oz
Roll Top Blast Food bags 1.4 oz ea 2.8 oz
  7.7 oz
(3.8 oz each)
All of our food / cooking gear is shared. We cooked with denatured alcohol. Sold as Heet gas line antifreeze in the US. Sold in grocery stores as 'Methylated Spirits' for cleaning in NZ.
Water Storage:  
1 Quart Powerade bottle 1.5 oz
1 Quart Powerade bottle 1.5 oz
2L Platypus bottle 1.3 oz
Water Treatment - None for Joe, Sheryl will be using a Sawyer water filter with an inline adaptor for her Platypus. 0 oz
  (4.3 oz)
I normally don't treat any water. Sheryl used a Sawyer Squeeze water filter (3.5 oz) on any questionable water. In the past she has used Aquamira.
Clothing Carried:  
Med WPB Cuben Fiber Rain Jacket 4.5 oz
Med WPB Cuben Fiber Rain Pants 2.9 oz
ZPacks Wind Shell Jacket 1.9 oz
Homemade Climashield Insulated Jacket 8.9 oz
MicroFleece Hat .8 oz
WPB Cuben Mitts .8 oz
Pillow Dry Bag 1.7 oz
  (25.2 oz)
Worn Clothing (not included in base weight):  
Columbia Silver Ridge II Zip off pants 10.2 oz
C9 / Champion breathable long sleeve shirt w/ collar and cuffs for sun protection 7.3 oz
Wigwam Ultamax Triathlete low cut socks .9 oz
Patagonia boxers 3.5 oz
Homemade Chinese style Pointy Hat 2.4 oz
Teva Grecko Sandals 23 oz
ZPacks Carbon Fiber Staff 7.3 oz
  (54.6 oz)
All of my clothes can be worn at the same time when it is very cold. It is all synthetic and dries quickly.

My layering system goes: Breathable long sleeve shirt > Nylon wind shirt > Insulated jacket > Rain Jacket.

I don't carry any "spare" clothes. I can wear my rain suit on laundry day.
Misc Items:  
Pentax W60 Waterproof Camera 5 oz
Spare camera battery .5 oz
Battery Charger w/ NZ plug 2.5 oz
Pak-Lite flashlight w/ home made headband. 1.5 oz
Wenger Esquire Pocket Knife .7 oz
Silva Compass / Thermometer .5 oz
ZPacks Travel Toothbrush .3 oz
Tooth paste tube .8 oz
Half light load towel (for nose blowing) .3 oz
Credit card, license, cash, cuben wallet pouch .3 oz
50ft 1.75mm Z-line cord .9 oz
4x mini-d carabiners .4 oz
Mechanical pencil + paper for notes .2 oz
Chap Stick .3 oz
Ear Plugs .01 oz
Sunglasses .8 oz
  (13.7 oz)
Most of these items are stored in the shoulder and belt pouches on my pack, or clipped to my shoulder straps.

We will both be using Pentax W60 waterproof Cameras with 4 shared batteries and charger w/ a NZ outlet adapter..
Gear Repair / First Aid:  
5x Strips of Cuben Repair Tape 1.0 oz
6x Large safety pins .1 oz
Sewing Needles / Dental Floss thread .1 oz
Super Glue .3 oz
Ibuprofin .1 oz
  (1.6 oz)
Cuben Fiber tape strips can repair punctures or tears in any of our gear, and may also be useful for bandages.  Super glue can be used for gear repair or maybe as a makeshift suture.

I carry a handful of Ibuprofin for emergencies.
Maps/Track Notes:  
Te Araroa printable Map Set ?? oz
Te Araroa Track Notes ?? oz
Michael Pullar's South island Handbook ?? oz
The maps and track notes can be downloaded from the official Te Araroa website.
Total Base Weight: 97 ounces
 = ~6 lbs, 1 ounces  (2.7 kg)