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Samurai Joe's PCT '07 Gear List

This is the gear that I carried on my PCT Thru-Hike. It is certainly not the lightest, or the best, just what worked for me. I've added some notes about what I liked, and what I will likely change next time. This is not my current list.

I hiked the first 1,200 miles of the trail sharing some gear items with my (now) wife Sheryl. I did the rest of the trail solo. My gear evolved over the duration, I didn't carry any rain gear in the desert. This is what I was carrying at the end of the trip in the rain and snow of Washington.

This gear list is out-dated. Check out our Te Araroa list for the most up to date gear list!

Item Name Weight Comments
Packing System:
Blast 30 Backpack w/ 1" webbing belt
Shoulder Pouch
2x Belt Pouches

4.7 oz
.25 oz
.7 oz
(5.7 oz)
My pack had enough space for 4-5 days of food between re-supply stops. On longer sections like the High Sierras I clipped my sleeping bag to the outside for extra food space.
Sleeping Gear:
30 degree Homemade down quilt
20" x 45" x 1/4" closed cell foam sleeping pad.
Large Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack

15.5 oz
3.1 oz
.4 oz
(19 oz)
The thin sleeping pad also doubled as my backpack frame. I tried to camp in locations with leaves, pine needles or other natural insulation for additional comfort and warmth.  I have since added some extra material and a zipper to my quilt, it's worth the extra ounce.
Homemade Tarp Tent (my design)
8x Titanium Stakes
GG Polycryo ground sheet
Small-Plus Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack

12.3 oz
1.9 oz
2 oz
.17 oz
(16.4 oz)
Cooking / Food Gear:
.6 Liter Snow peak mug w/ aluminum lid
Metal spoon
Aluminum can wood burning stove
Large Cuben Fiber Food Bag
Fuel Carried - None

2.8 oz
.5 oz
.3 oz
.4 oz

(4 oz)
The "stove" I used was really just an improvised aluminum can wind screen for a wood fire. I propped my pot on tent stakes and used wood as fuel. In the picture I'm using a heavier tin can stove to the same effect.
Water Storage:
1L wide mouth Pepsi Bottle
1L wide mouth Pepsi Bottle
Water Treatment - None

1.65 oz
1.65 oz

(3.3 oz)
I added additional soda bottles as needed for dry sections. In the desert I had up to 5 liters. I never treated or filtered any water. I got very sick from the water one time for a couple days.
Clothing Carried:
Homemade 1.1oz/yd nylon Wind Shirt
Homemade Micro-Fleece hooded pullover
Homemade Fleece Hat
Frogg Toggs Rain Jacket (Added in Oregon)
Trash bag rain skirt (Added in Oregon)
Medium cuben fiber stuff sack

Clothing Worn:
Homemade shirt w/ collar + cuffs for sun protection
Nylon zip off pants
Homemade Chinese Style sun / rain hat
Ultimax Triathlete Socks (No spare socks)
Teva Grecko Sandals

2.4 oz
6.8 oz
.8 oz
8.7 oz
.5 oz
.2 oz
(19.4 oz)
Most of the PCT is hot, and incredibly exposed. My worn items covered almost all my skin for sun protection. It can also be very cold. I hiked in snow, rain, and sub-freezing temperatures in Washington in September. This set up was just enough to stay warm and dry.

Note that every item is made of quick drying synthetic material, and everything can be worn at the same time.

I hiked in sandals the entire trip.

The Pointy Hat folds flat and was also a foam sit-pad and pillow.
Misc Items:
Pentax Optio W-30 Waterproof Camera
Aurora Headlamp w/ 1/4" elastic band
Tooth brush + paste
Mini-Bic Lighter
Sewing Needles / Dental Floss Thread
2x ZPacks Mini-D Carabiners
Wenger Knife
Half a lightload towel
Chap stick
Small Duct Tape Roll
Credit Card + Drivers License
Cuben Fiber Wallet Pouch

5.5 oz
2.2 oz
.8 oz
.4 oz
.28 oz
.2 oz
.76 oz
.3 oz
.3 oz
.2 oz
.3 oz
.05 oz

(11.2 oz)
These items were all stored in the shoulder and belt pouches on my pack.
Maps/Guidebook Sections:
Yogi's PCT Handbook
Free HikerTrash Maps

?? oz
Definitely get Yogi's book if you plan on doing the PCT or CDT. They are Invaluable!
Total Base Weight:
4 lbs, 15 oz / 2.23 kg

Pacific crest trail high sierras

Ultralight tarp tent

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